About Ha Bui

Ha Bui is a Golf Fitness Specialist. She has been in the industry for 14 years and has an Exercise Science degree as well as certifications in Muscle Activation Techniques Jumpstart (MAT), Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) and NSCA-CPT CSCS.

Golf Exercises Hip Extension Bridge

Hips and Core strength are vital to your golf swing and golf game. Here are three ways to do golf exercises with the hip extension bridge. Complexity changes depending which of these exercises you do. Start off with the ground. If you find that easy, move onto the BOSU Ball and finally the TRX Bodyweight Suspension Straps Trainer (see our review here) if you still need a challenge. Focus on proper technique as displayed in the video below.



You can do this Hip Extension Bridge exercise anywhere, as long as you have the TRX, Bosu, and/or floor. [Read more…]

Rich Food Poor Food Book Review – A Solution to your New Year’s Resolution

Rich Food Poor Food Book Review

A Solution to your New Year’s Resolution

Rich Food Poor Food Book Review
What if reducing calories, fats, carbs, or sugar wasn’t enough and you wonder why you are still not losing weight or have hit a plateau on getting leaner. Is what you’re putting in your body a failed system to start with?  Do you consistently find yourself fighting allergies, more illnesses, migraines, other headaches, less energy, swelling, inflammation, skin rash, aches, or pains as years pass by?  Do you think that you can eat anything on the planet and be healthy, because you are skinny or not overweight?  Are your “healthy” foods, drinks, protein/energy drinks, or supplements actually healthy? Today, I have written a mini-book review of a book called Rich Food Poor Food (which you can get by clicking HERE) that has easy to implement small changes. This book has many sections that make it easy on what to eat or not when they segment pages into “Steer Here” and “Steer Clear”.


Part of being in shape for golf or anything in general, is that you have to know what proper nutrients to put in your body to help it perform or function efficiently. Recently one of my clients has given me a book as a Christmas gift.  [Read more…]

What I’m Thankful For In Golf

What I’m Thankful For In Golf

Ha Bui Golf Fitness Training
I’ve been in the fitness industry for 14 years, and have spent the last 3 years focusing more on training golfers at Gaillardia Golf and Country Club in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I’ve been an athlete playing multiple sports for almost all my life and I’ve discovered that golf can be one of the hardest games to pick up for most athletes. When I first encountered hitting a golf ball about 3 years ago, I quickly discovered that if you try to muscle and smack the golf ball as hard as you can, then you will end up whiffing the ball or plowing the your club head into the ground multiple times. After going out to the range trying to master the art of hitting a golf ball a few times, I think I ended up being more of a swordsman with my golf club slicing at the air, ball, or ground. For that moment in time, I had decided that golf wasn’t for me. I’m sure some of you can relate to this experience.


Within the 3 year span I began training in a martial art created by Bruce Lee called Jeet Kune Do www.evolutionmartialartsokc.com – The Way of the Intercepting Fist. Some of the elements that my Sifu(Instructor) incorporated and practiced a lot were energy drills. The energy drills in my own words were a constant personal growth and self-discovery of learning how to use your own body’s (kinetic) energy, and manipulating another person’s or object’s energy to your advantage, while continuing to increase your body and mind’s self-awareness and sensitivity to each movement. I’ve also began training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu www.s4oma.com over a year ago and it was an outlet to help expand and optimize the flow and finesse of the martial art. Over 2 years ago, I increased my skill sets further by becoming a certified TPI golf fitness instructor, MAT www.muscleactivation.com Jumpstart certified and continuing to advance my knowledge with all of the RTS www.resistancetrainingspecialist.com mastery courses this year (one of the highest accredited education and certifications in the fitness industry). I’ve been fortunate and thankful to have incredible teachers and mentors. Great teachers and mentors will create great “ah ha” teaching moments and opportunities. You just have to be ready to truly embrace it.

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Ab Core Ground Bosu TRX Pelvic Knee Tucks – Golf Exercises

Core strength is vital to your golf swing and golf game. Ha shows three different golf exercise tips and variations for an abdominal and trunk exercise on the floor, Bosu, and TRX to strengthen your core.  They are shown in increasing levels of difficulty. The pelvic knee tuck exercise requires some skills and coordination to be able to control and hold your lower and upper body in specific stable positions while trying to concentrate on contracting your abdominal muscles. The goal of these exercises is to do your best to fully tighten and shorten your abs, while juggling to be solid with holding the other pieces of the body during this full body exercise.



Going slow and controlled is necessary at first, to master the fundamentals of controlling and contracting the targeted muscles throughout the motion. [Read more…]

3 Training Secrets Golfers Should Know

The Critical Pieces of a Solid Golf Swing

Golf Swing Training Secrets
The golf swing is one big movement that has a lot of room for error when trying to master the full range of motion of the swing.  We are traditionally taught the full range or movement of the golf swing but some golfers rarely learn or break down the mechanics of the swing.  The golf swing has many factors or variables which may involve balance, flexibility, core, strength, lower to upper body sequence, speed and rotational power. As we age, we have to find the most strategic and smartest way to train our body to handle of those factors of the golf swing while minimizing pain or injuries. [Read more…]

Golf Back Stretches – Golf Warm Up

Golf Warm Up – Back Stretches

Today Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Specialist Ha Bui demonstrates golf back stretches you can do before you hit the links. Focus on a slow controlled stretch to give your muscles time to extend properly.

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Champion’s Kingdom

Champion’s Kingdom

Ha Jiu Jitsu
For my 36th Birthday I wanted to share what I’ve experienced within the past couple of years. This experience can translate into your golf game or any other sports. Everyone’s walk of life and journey will always be different from the road I’ve taken in learning how to win and be a Champion. I cannot provide you the answers to knowing how to win or become a champion. I can only provide you what I’ve encountered through my own recent personal experiences of winning within this past year, and hope that you take something positive out of this.

Each individual may have a different approach and ways of competing and winning. One may be motivated by being the best or number one. Another may be driven by emotions such as from anger, frustration, love, passion, pride, ego, excitement, nervousness, spiritual, status quo, gaining acceptance or approval, family or friend driven, etc. You may be at a point where you have faced or are facing adversity. We are given different layers or phases (opportunities) in our walk of bettering ourselves, and being a successful person or a Champion in life. You may have either given up on your vision or dream, currently being challenged with it, complacent with where you are at, learning how to overcome it and win consistently (where I’m at now), or have mastered breaking down the barriers and know what it takes to consistently become a Champion. [Read more…]

The Hidden Dangers of Sugar

Most of us don’t realize the dangers of too much sugar can have serious effects to your fat and weight loss as well as your overall health.  If you reduce sugar intake alone at an optimal level, then it can go a long way with achieving health and fat loss results. On the other end of the spectrum, having too low of a sugar intake can be detrimental also.  This article will only target what can potentially happen when an individual ingest too much sugar.  Please consult with your physician before following any nutritional plan or guidelines.

Why sugar can hurt the body

While researching and learning about the side effects of sugar I was amazed at how harmful sugar is to our bodies. Sugar can increase risk of heart disease or diabetes, cause tooth decay, and make us gain weight. You may be surprised at how many other bad effects sugar has on our immune system over the long term. When your body is not in optimal shape or condition, then it will be tough to consistently handle or perform an optimal golf swing or a sport specific movement.

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Golf Fitness Balance Exercise On Bosu Ball

Golf Fitness: Balance Exercise – Bosu Ball Stability Trainer

Advanced Golf Exercises like this are excellent for stability which is key to a consistent golf game. The single leg balance drill starting from the ground then onto the Bosu Ball balance trainer increases your awareness and sensitivity to your center of mass. If you’ve never been on a Bosu Ball for balance training you might be caught off guard how much better your balance is after doing this golf drill. Even if you don’t have stability issues, by advancing onto the Bosu Ball you may feel that much more in control of your body after doing this exercise.

Ha has been helping golfers for 14 years and counting as of the writing of this article. She uses the Bosu Ball as one of many tools to help clients increase and control their balance skills, and meet their golf fitness goals. It can even be used for Bosu Ball push up variations to make them more challenging. Ha will continue to show other great fitness tips to improve your golf game utilizing the Bosu Ball in case you buy one or have one already.

Titleist Performance Institute Golf Balance Test

Today Ha Bui, Certified TPI Golf Fitness Specialist, demonstrates how to do the Titleist Performance Institute’s Basic Balance Test.

While this test looks very basic and may be for some people, many others it’s not either due to equilibrium issues or muscle imbalances. Once a candidate can master this test on both feet, they can move on to more advanced balance drills to improve their golf game. Balance and control are of the utmost importance in quality and consistency of the golf swing.

You may feel grounded now but when you move on to a Bosu Balance Ball the difference is night and day once you step off of it.