Bosu Ball Balance Trainer Review

Benefits of the Bosu Ball for Both Your Golf Game and Your Overall Health

Bosu Ball Balance Stability Trainer

You’re probably looking at the picture of this thing and thinking it only has a couple uses and little benefit so why buy one, but that couldn’t be further from the truth in both respects. There are so many things you can do with this that revolve around golf, you’ll be surprised.

A key component of doing well in the game of golf is to improve balance, core muscle strength and stability, which is why this Bosu Ball Balance Trainer Review is so important to today’s golf fitness-focused athlete. It’s quite important to choose golf exercises through products like this based on how effective the product is but I also like the fact that this is a fun and easy to do those exercises on this. There’s plenty to love about the Bosu Home Balance Trainer.

You’ll find this YouTube video really does a pretty good job of explaining the process and benefits, but you can also see how enjoyable this process can be.

That is not to say, though, that this process is going to be easy. In fact, the Bosu is going to give you a full body workout. It is a half ball and can be a challenge for anyone if done right. However, that is a good thing because even those who practice other types of golf exercises will benefit from this product. It gives you a great golf workout that I’ll talk about more in a moment.

What Is the Bosu Workout?

First off I have to say it’s Made in the USA! There aren’t many things you say that about anymore. The Bosu Home Balance Trainer is similar to a balance board but the Bosu core exercises get your body moving in numerous ways. There are two types of these half balls available, some meant for use at home and others for professional use. The at-home version is the one we like because you can easily take it with you and use it virtually anywhere. This includes at the office, the home, or at the gym.

It also comes with a series of workouts on a single DVD. The workouts themselves, according to customer reviews, provide an overall solid workout that can be challenging at times. However, you will find that any balance training is going to be like this because your likely don’t have a strong core set of muscles when you get started. If you worked with a balance trainer, you would notice, like you do with this product, that you will gain more stability and overall strength as you keep working at it.

What Can It Help With?

Though your focus may be on how this ball can help improve your golf balance, it can actually do much more. It can help to improve your golf swing, too. It does this because of the range of core body focus it offers:

  • It provides a great core and total body strength and conditioning workout. The Bosu provides an unstable platform to challenge and recruit more muscles to be active within the exercise. This can improve muscle endurance and strength for less fatigue and more focus on your golf game.
  • The Bosu ball is great for improving your flexibility. If you are like many people who enjoy the game of golf but find your joints hurting afterwards, this half ball works well. The Bosu can assists in flexibility exercises and stretches, which could help to reduce injuries.
  • It improves balance. You may be wondering how in the world you are going to stand on that, but it is actually easy to do. Once you learn how, you will be able to train and challenge your balance coordination & skills along with improving your proprioception skills (body awareness relative to the shifting of the weight). This can help control a better swing speed which can provide better ball strikes, and less aches and pain during your golf game.
  • Improving your core strength and muscles is another thing the Bosu Balance Trainer can do. It can help increase and improve stability skills. Stability can increase mobility to improve range of motion and flexibility. The core muscles also involve training the body as a whole. This Bosu can help supplement your strength training program by increasing more stability and mobility in your legs, hips, and feet, all of which are great for improving your golf swing.

Most people can use this product, too. Some people who may not have used exercise balls in the past may find themselves unable to grasp how well this product can work. Let’s be honest. For some of us, the last time one of these types of balls were in our hands (much less under our feet) was a long time ago. However, it actually is not hard to learn and, again it is fun to do.

Customer Reviews – The Users Have Spoken

Max Power from Franklin, WI says –

“The reason why I bought this balance trainer is to strengthen my ankles. I hike a lot and last year alone; I sprained my ankles like 10+ times on the John Muir Trail. After using it 3X/week for almost 2 months now, I have to say my ankles are ‘strengthening…’. I can’t wait for my next big hike now!
In addition, not only that I don’t sprain my ankles anymore on uneven trail while running, my balance during golf swing has also improved. I have never been more confidence addressing the golf ball now.
Try this to increase the intensity; stand on one left and bend your knee(this is tougher than the normal one leg stand on the ball). Do not perform this activity if you cannot balance yourself with a STRAIGHT leg first.

I use floor mat to do Pilate which is sufficient for a novice like me. Hence, I don’t use this balance trainer for pilate.”

And Nathan Beauchamp out of Oak Park, IL has even more –

“Core workouts have always felt boring to me. I’ve never much enjoyed sit-ups or crunches or doing endless minutes of Planks. Last year I discovered the Bosu ball and have been liking my core exercises a lot more since. The concept is simple: balancing on the ball while doing other exercises like curls or dead lifts forces you to constantly adjust and simultaneously works your legs, back, and stomach even when doing an arm or shoulder workout. That is just one of the applications of the Bosu ball.

Another great technique is to use the flat surface as a platform for pushups or as a modified roving plank exercise where you roll in the ball in a circle while keeping your lower body and abs stationary. This is a great way to tone the stomach and is far more engaging than sit-ups or generic stationary plank.

The third excellent use is as a balance/stability trainer. You can either balance on the flat side or do lunges unto the ball surface to train your feet and ankles. Since you can only lift what you can stabilize, these routines are a wonderful addition to a traditional weight training routine and will see your lifts increase rapidly as your ancillary muscles catch up to your primary movers.

The home version of the ball seems just as good as the professional versions we have at my health club. Both my wife and I use it regularly and we’ve never had a problem with it deflating or even losing air. This is a seriously great piece of fitness equipment as versatile as it is well made. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to mix up their routine or for those wanting better stability and core strength.”

The Effects on Your Golf Game –

What you really want to know is how the Bosu works as a type of golf fitness. As mentioned, it provides you with core exercises, which work to improve the strength and stability of those muscles of your trunk. According to the Mayo Clinic, this can do various things for you, including:

  • Improve your stability level, giving you a better golf swing.
  • Improve your balance.
  • Give you strength in your muscles, the same type you get from ab exercises.

A stable core like this is critical for ensuring you have the stamina, strengthen, and balance to achieve your goals on the golf course. Bosu core exercises are very effective. You will feel the burn and you will see the improved skill on the golf course itself.

Keeping this in mind, consider why we know you need this system. The Bosu Ball Balance Trainer review included here clearly demonstrates that this product:

  • Is enjoyable to use (you really will like it even as you burn your muscles with it)
  • Easy to learn (the videos are a good way to amplify your Bosu workout)
  • Very effective at strengthening your core (as good as balance training and ab exercises)

If you do not like the use of balance balls because of their instability, this product solves that. Additionally, it gives you the tools you need to improve your golf swing, simply by giving you a stronger core.

There’s no reason to put it off any longer. Purchase the Bosu Home Balance Trainer and get started improving your game.

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