Golf Exercises Hip Extension Bridge

Hips and Core strength are vital to your golf swing and golf game. Here are three ways to do golf exercises with the hip extension bridge. Complexity changes depending which of these exercises you do. Start off with the ground. If you find that easy, move onto the BOSU Ball and finally the TRX Bodyweight Suspension Straps Trainer (see our review here) if you still need a challenge. Focus on proper technique as displayed in the video below.



You can do this Hip Extension Bridge exercise anywhere, as long as you have the TRX, Bosu, and/or floor. [Read more…]

Ab Core Ground Bosu TRX Pelvic Knee Tucks – Golf Exercises

Core strength is vital to your golf swing and golf game. Ha shows three different golf exercise tips and variations for an abdominal and trunk exercise on the floor, Bosu, and TRX to strengthen your core.  They are shown in increasing levels of difficulty. The pelvic knee tuck exercise requires some skills and coordination to be able to control and hold your lower and upper body in specific stable positions while trying to concentrate on contracting your abdominal muscles. The goal of these exercises is to do your best to fully tighten and shorten your abs, while juggling to be solid with holding the other pieces of the body during this full body exercise.



Going slow and controlled is necessary at first, to master the fundamentals of controlling and contracting the targeted muscles throughout the motion. [Read more…]

Golf Back Stretches – Golf Warm Up

Golf Warm Up – Back Stretches

Today Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Specialist Ha Bui demonstrates golf back stretches you can do before you hit the links. Focus on a slow controlled stretch to give your muscles time to extend properly.

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Golf Fitness Balance Exercise On Bosu Ball

Golf Fitness: Balance Exercise – Bosu Ball Stability Trainer

Advanced Golf Exercises like this are excellent for stability which is key to a consistent golf game. The single leg balance drill starting from the ground then onto the Bosu Ball balance trainer increases your awareness and sensitivity to your center of mass. If you’ve never been on a Bosu Ball for balance training you might be caught off guard how much better your balance is after doing this golf drill. Even if you don’t have stability issues, by advancing onto the Bosu Ball you may feel that much more in control of your body after doing this exercise.

Ha has been helping golfers for 14 years and counting as of the writing of this article. She uses the Bosu Ball as one of many tools to help clients increase and control their balance skills, and meet their golf fitness goals. It can even be used for Bosu Ball push up variations to make them more challenging. Ha will continue to show other great fitness tips to improve your golf game utilizing the Bosu Ball in case you buy one or have one already.

Golf TPI Titleist Performance Institute Seated Trunk Rotation Test

Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Specialist Ha Bui demonstrates the Seated Trunk Rotation Test


This test measures your trunk flexibility and directly correlates to your golf swing.

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Golfers Elbow Muscle Activation Techniques Example

MAT (Muscle Activation Techniques) Jumpstart Certified Trainer Ha Bui demonstrates an MAT session to treat golfers elbow.


If you’ve ever had golfers elbow or tennis elbow you know it can be pretty painful and really mess up your golf game. Muscle Activation Techniques can provide relief for this.

Prior to this video some testing has already been done with the client so this is far from a one size fits all approach. This demonstration shows how MAT helps to restore some strength, stability and mobility to relieve some aches and pains. This video is not intended to be a how to but as a what is possible for relief. Muscle Activation Techniques involves advanced training.


Golf Exercises Proper Quality Push Up Variations

TPI Golf Fitness Specialist Ha Bui, NSCA-CPT CSCS, demonstrates 3 variations on proper push ups for the most effect.

For this exercise she utilizes the ground, Bosu Ball Balance Trainer and the TRX Suspension Trainer for the different variations and level of difficulty.

Golf Exercise Straight Leg Back Stretch

Today Titleist Performance Institute Golf Specialist Ha Bui shows a simple stretch for your pre-golf warm up.


Try this simple cross straight legged golf back stretch anywhere from either at home, office, gym, or golf course. Doing light golf stretches and warm ups before you go golfing is very important. First thing is it helps with increasing blood flow and loosening up muscles before performing your golf swing. Make sure when performing the golf stretch it is at a controlled and comfortable stretch position.  Your focus needs to be on relaxing the muscle, and releasing any tension or stress of the targeted muscles. 

Too much stretching at an inappropriate and uncontrolled range of motion can put more stress on the muscles, ligaments, or joints.  [Read more…]

Golf Exercise Warm Up – Flexibility Isometric

Today TPI Golf Fitness Specialist Ha Bui shows an Isometric Exercise you can add into your pre-golf warm up. This will help aid in flexibility and with range of motion.