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If your foundation (body) is solid, how much more effective can you be in your golf game? Get the edge on your golfing buddies.


You don’t have to be in peak physical condition but may find that a couple things you find on this site are the one or two things that you need to take your game to the next level. This will also help you make better use of your time with a golf pro or golf aids. provides you the most current golf fitness information through Videos, Articles and Reviews. We will also provide you the tips and the tools to be aware of, and make the best decision to help improve your fitness and golf game.  My goal is to simplify golf fitness and exercise movement to be as efficient as possible to reduce pain and injuries, increase flexibility, strength and conditioning. New tips and golf exercises are added on a regular basis. Sign up for our latest tips, product reviews and videos.

Many fitness pro’s give general or broad instructions that may be not be appropriate based on your body structure or fitness capabilities
but I’ll give you clear instruction based on what an individual may run into because of joint structure, variable forces around the body, or muscle contraction ability. I will provide you tips in how to do the proper movement, body position and what you should be feeling to fit your body structure and muscle capabilities.

Knowing when or how to use exercise machines vs. functional/balance exercises is vital to improving your golf swing. This valuable information is critical to not only to general fitness but to any sport, especially golf.

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