Golf Exercises Hip Extension Bridge

Hips and Core strength are vital to your golf swing and golf game. Here are three ways to do golf exercises with the hip extension bridge. Complexity changes depending which of these exercises you do. Start off with the ground. If you find that easy, move onto the BOSU Ball and finally the TRX Bodyweight Suspension Straps Trainer (see our review here) if you still need a challenge. Focus on proper technique as displayed in the video below.



You can do this Hip Extension Bridge exercise anywhere, as long as you have the TRX, Bosu, and/or floor. Ha shows three different golf exercise tips and variations for a proper hip bridge exercise on the floor, Bosu, and TRX to strengthen your hips and core.   They are shown in increasing levels of difficulty. The hip extension exercise requires some skills and coordination to be able to control and hold your lower and upper body in specific stable positions while trying to concentrate on contracting your abdominal muscles. The goal of these exercises is to do your best to fully tighten and shorten your hips while juggling to be solid with holding the other pieces of the body during this full body exercise. 

Going slow and controlled is necessary at first to master the fundamentals of controlling and contracting the targeted muscles throughout the motion. Owning and controlling every single piece of your body needs to be a priority, whether in stillness or movement before advancing. Once you fully master this, then you can progress and advance to different levels of difficulty shown in the video and/or along with controlled speed. The hip bridge exercise may not seem like it’s doing much but with the right intention and focus of optimally contracting the abdominal muscle, it can be challenging for some. This is especially true if you involve controlling and orchestrating other pieces of the body to be in proper precise positions during the movement.

It’s quite important that you focus on quality of motion and control rather than number of reps. Control is a big element in proper golf technique. Learning how to take ownership and control of each of the pieces of the body will allow you efficiently use your body as a whole to apply proper strength, speed and power to your golf swing.  This is part of where your consistency in your golf swing sequence and mechanics can come from. Keep in mind this may or may not be beneficial depending on your physical capabilities. Please check with your physician before performing in any physical activity.

About Ha Bui

Ha Bui is a Golf Fitness Specialist. She has been in the industry for 14 years and has an Exercise Science degree as well as certifications in Muscle Activation Techniques Jumpstart (MAT), Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) and NSCA-CPT CSCS.

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