Golf TPI Titleist Performance Institute Seated Trunk Rotation Test

Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Specialist Ha Bui demonstrates the Seated Trunk Rotation Test


This test measures your trunk flexibility and directly correlates to your golf swing.

You will need to have a bench, 2 or 3 golf clubs, and 1 or 2 dowel(s).

1) Have 2 clubs crossed in the middle at a 90 degree angle. While keeping the 90 degree angle, put the clubs at the center creating an “X” under the bench. The 2 crossed clubs under the bench serves as a visual measuring tool to see if you are able to rotate to left and right at 45 degrees or more.

2) Sit at the center of the bench where your knees are at or closed to 90 degrees, and thighs are parallel to floor. The dowel should be placed evenly in front of your thighs. Then take the other dowel or golf club and place it in front of your chest with arms crossed in front of it.

3) Sit up nice and tall, and then rotate (without leaning or side bending) as far as you can to the right without moving your legs or arms. See if your club or dowel on your chest lines up or goes past the 45 degree mark based off the crossed “X” clubs at the bottom of the bench. Then repeat the same rotational movement to the left. If you rotate 45 degrees or more then you are in the normal range.

About Ha Bui

Ha Bui is a Golf Fitness Specialist. She has been in the industry for 14 years and has an Exercise Science degree as well as certifications in Muscle Activation Techniques Jumpstart (MAT), Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) and NSCA-CPT CSCS.

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