How to do a Front & Back Shoulder Golf Stretch on Stability Ball

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This golf shoulder stretch exercise can help create a smoother transition (or better golf swing sequence) from the ground up.  The initial flow of the golf swing starts from the lower body.  Then the swing sequence transitions to the torso and into shoulder rotation of the back swing.  This specific golf stretch is focused on trying to keep the lead arm straight and head looking over the lead shoulder during the torso and shoulder rotation of the back swing.


This is a great golfer’s stretch for the shoulders to help warm up and increase mobility in the shoulder muscles.  You will need a stability ball and mat to perform this stretch exercise.  The applied force and range of motion of the shoulder should be at a controlled, light, and comfortable stretch. If you perform this exercise at an extreme or forced stretched position, then you may potentially shut down some of the muscles from contracting and/or firing again.  This can put your shoulder in a protective mode which could lead to more tightness, less stability and mobility of the shoulder area, and/or put you at a higher risk of injury.  This light comfortable stretch can assist in loosening and lengthening the muscles surrounding the shoulder blades and front shoulder area. This stretch can help open up your shoulders and upper body in your golf swing.  Please consult with your doctor and/or golf fitness professional before performing this stretch exercise.


Here are the instructions on how to set up and perform the front and back shoulder stretch on the stability ball.

1)    Have both knees on the mat in a kneeling position, and the stability ball should be about waist height when kneeling.  Place the stability ball just in front of you, and about 6 inches to the right side of your knees.

2) Next take your left arm and bring it across the body towards the stability ball.  Then place the left wrist on top center of the stability ball with your palm up, while keeping your left arm as straight as possible. Continue to maintain the left arm on the ball, then take the right hand and place it directly on top of the left hand’s wrist.

3) Try to keep your arm position on the ball, and then bend over from the hips while lowering your upper body towards the ground. Continue to lower the upper body while trying to keep your chest facing towards the ground.  Maintain this position then slowly push up your chest down towards the floor, until you feel a light comfortable stretch across the front and back of the shoulders. Your trunk area may end up or close to being parallel with the floor.  You should end up looking over your left shoulder while trying to maintain a straight left arm as shown in the picture above.

Now repeat steps 1 through 3 to stretch out your right shoulder. You should feel the stretch surrounding the shoulder (or deltoid) area, and the muscle between the shoulder blades (rhomboids).

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