Success Stories

Excellent Results From Ha Bui’s Golf Fitness Techniques

~ George Browning




Improve Your Golf Swing And Game With Ha

Golf Swing Balance on Foam Roller
“If you want to get into shape, feel better and even improve your golf swing and game, check out Ha Bui at the Gaillardia Country Club Fitness Center. I have been on a regular training schedule with Ha for the past seven months and have experienced a notable improvement in flexibility, balance, strength and endurance. Ha is knowledgeable, certified, professional and reliable. She is engaging, committed and encouraging yet challenging. Ha Bui provides the perfect scenario for success on the golf course and provides a solid foundation for a healthy, active lifestyle.”

~ Ken Goodin



Meet Your Golf Fitness Goals With Ha Bui

“After several months of training with Ha Bui, I feel stronger and more flexible than I did with any of my training in the past. Her knowledge of body mechanics and proper execution of the exercises has truly been more effective. Ha uses a good variety of strength, balance and flexibility exercises which helps avoid overuse injuries as well. Whatever your needs are, I feel Ha is qualified to help you meet your golf fitness goals.

~ Ruth Carey



Ha Bui Bridged Gap With Strength Training And MAT (Muscle Activation Techniques)

“I began working with Ha 18 months ago after a 4 year illness. I had completed 5 rounds of physical therapy but was still very weak and had many balance, walking and large and small motor skill deficiencies.

Ha helped bridge the gap between physical therapy and normal health with strength training and MAT. Muscle activation techniques are a series of small muscle tests and isometric exercises used to increase total muscle health.

MAT helps prevent and correct the strain put on muscles whether from an active lifestyle, or as in my case, recuperation and severe muscle loss. MAT has increased the positive effects of my strength training and decreased the amount of muscle cramping and pain inherent with training and physical activity. You don’t have to be recuperating to benefit from MAT. Whether you are an athlete, active or have more specialized needs like me, MAT can help! I really appreciate all of the extra training that Ha has attended in order to improve her fitness skills. Thank you Ha!”

~ Patty Moeder



Strength Training to Mitigate Your Aches And Pains

I have been working out with Ha for over a year. She was recommended to me by a friend who is in great shape! I thought I would try a personal trainer for awhile and learn a few things and then return to working out on my own. I am still training with Ha two days a week!

At the beginning, Ha was able to assess my condition and challenge me. She has a sound understanding of physiology and her attention to form is flawless which has helped me avoid injury. Being over 50, I can actually say that my strength training has eliminated all of my aches and pains that coincide with age. Her knowledge of physical fitness and health has helped me overcome knee and elbow issues along with an ankle injury. My golf game has improved too due to my strength and flexibility. I have never been able to play more than 18 holes at a time and since the Spring of this year, I have played 36 holes and 27 holes at a time without being sore the next day.

Every question I have asked her about diet, health or exercise technique has been answered completely and in a clear concise way. I would recommend Ha to anyone who wants to improve their overall health and fitness.

~ Cindy E. Sparkman


Better Posture, Balance, Stamina, Strength And Endurance After Training With Ha Bui

Working out with Ha is definitely one of the highlights of my week. She is enthusiastic, motivating and incredibly knowledgeable about fitness training. She keeps up-to-date on fitness programs by attending seminars on a regular basis and implements what she has learned into our workouts. I work out with her three times a week and do my best to try and plan everything around my workouts just so I won’t miss one. The workout programs she creates are interesting, fun, diverse and challenging. I am never bored with any of the workouts and never dreamed there were so many different types of exercises. She is also a very caring, supportive, happy and encouraging person, as well as, always being very punctual and professional. Since training with Ha for over a year now, some of the benefits I have noticed are better posture, balance, stamina, strength and endurance.

~ Annette DeVore