Bosu Squat with Dumbbell Upper Body Twist

Advanced Balance and Coordination Exercise for Golf
Golf Fitness Client Spotlight: Ken Goodin

This is an intermediate to advanced golf exercise that challenges your balance, stability, coordination, core, torso rotation, and body strength control to improve your golf swing motion. This is also a great balance skill exercise for golfers to increase their sensitivity to changes of the load’s equilibrium as it relates to the body. As rotational weight is being shifted from side to side, your body is learning how to keep balance and control the whole body during the golf swing motion.

The Bosu Ball provides an unstable training surface, challenging the body at a more difficult level. By having great body awareness and full body control with balance, you are able to have a more consistent ball strike that can translate into increasing your golf swing speed and distance. This exercise is for intermediate to advanced golf fitness level person just looking for a new golf exercise drill added into their golf workouts to challenge them in those areas. Of course, consult with your physician before performing any physical activity.

Golf Fitness Bosu Squat 1

1) Start by choosing a dumbbell weight that you can safely control, but at the same time be challenged a bit. Stand and balance on the flat side of the Bosu Ball with the dome of the ball facing down, while holding a dumbbell close to the middle of your chest. You also have the option of starting with no weight or with a weighted medicine ball.

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