Golf Exercise Straight Leg Back Stretch

Today Titleist Performance Institute Golf Specialist Ha Bui shows a simple stretch for your pre-golf warm up.


Try this simple cross straight legged golf back stretch anywhere from either at home, office, gym, or golf course. Doing light golf stretches and warm ups before you go golfing is very important. First thing is it helps with increasing blood flow and loosening up muscles before performing your golf swing. Make sure when performing the golf stretch it is at a controlled and comfortable stretch position.  Your focus needs to be on relaxing the muscle, and releasing any tension or stress of the targeted muscles. 

Too much stretching at an inappropriate and uncontrolled range of motion can put more stress on the muscles, ligaments, or joints.  [Read more…]

Golf Exercise Warm Up – Flexibility Isometric

Today TPI Golf Fitness Specialist Ha Bui shows an Isometric Exercise you can add into your pre-golf warm up. This will help aid in flexibility and with range of motion.

How to do a Front & Back Shoulder Golf Stretch on Stability Ball

Golf Fitness Client Spotlight: Ruth Carey

This golf shoulder stretch exercise can help create a smoother transition (or better golf swing sequence) from the ground up.  The initial flow of the golf swing starts from the lower body.  Then the swing sequence transitions to the torso and into shoulder rotation of the back swing.  This specific golf stretch is focused on trying to keep the lead arm straight and head looking over the lead shoulder during the torso and shoulder rotation of the back swing. [Read more…]