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-The Benefits of TRX for a Better Body and Better Golf Swing

Are you ready to get an edge on your golfing buddies? This is it. A lot of research and creativity has gone into making the TRX capable of everyday use by everyday people. Many of my golf clients come to me for help wanting to get stronger, gain flexibility and improve range of motion so they can hit the ball farther, increase club swing speed and get a consistent golf swing. You can follow along in many of my videos to do many of the same exercises I have my clients do to get great results.

TRX Suspension Trainer Home Bundle with Door Anchor
Golfers do more than just hit at balls and need to strengthen their core muscles and in this TRX Trainer review we look at the specifics of how well this training system can work to improve your golf swing and overall game.

Are you like some of my clients that first come to me with back and knee pain, shoulder problems, golfers elbow or flexibility issues? You can help mitigate some of these with proper training and the TRX is one tool I use to help people do that.


What is the TRX –

The TRX is a body weight suspension home training system for the full body. It was created by a US Navy Seal. This system works with any fitness level whether you’re at a beginner, intermediate or an advanced level. The TRX Trainer Body Weight Strap System typically (depending on package you choose) comes with the durable strap system, door anchor, accessories, mesh carry bag and six digital videos to get you started.

It can be hooked to a door, a sturdy bar, a solid tree or other mount point and adjust the length of the strap from the easy strap release. When I say full body that means that you can essentially workout any part of the body. It utilizes your own bodyweight and helps to develop strength, core stability, flexibility and balance all at the same time. You can control how hard your workout is by adjusting the angle of your body for a given exercise. You can see in many of my TRX videos where I show this (and I add more every month).

TRX training is awesome in that you can take it with you virtually anywhere. It’s easy to slip into a suitcase if you are traveling for business. You can use it in your hotel room and get in an awesome workout without having to go to the fitness center. You can use it at the gym (you won’t look strange bringing this in.) You can also use it right in your office. I found it to be a fantastic way to work out the stress. Of course, it easily works at home as well.

With two hand-holds for your upper body fitness which also double as foot-holds for your lower body workouts and a ridiculously simple elastic dual-arm structure, you can see flexibility, intelligent design and aesthetic value going behind this product. Such simple designs most often make for one of the most optimum exercise routines of all.


Why Golfers Love it –

Phil Mickelson, Notah Begay, Laura Diaz and Mike Weir are just a few of the professional golfers that use the TRX for their golf training.

The obvious fact is a fit body improves your game and golf swing. Not all people understand the complexities behind a round of golf. You need the coordinated use of so many different muscle groups just to pull off that perfect swing sequence. You must gain a consistent golf swing to drive like a pro.
Granted, there are plenty of products out there catering to golf fitness, but the TRX Training System is comparatively affordable and is easy to use and carry around. The golf exercises you can do with the TRX can be as easy or as hard as you want them to be.

Check out what other golf fitness professionals have to say about the TRX Training Suspension System we review:

“This is such a simple idea and one great product. It can be used just like a swiss ball and is easier to travel with than a ball – no pumping required. The TRX System is essential for those who focus on golf-specific functional fitness, stability training, and core development.”
Dr. Greg Rose, Cofounder
Titleist Performance Institute


“The TRX has been the most effective, safe, convenient and economical product that I have ever used for my students. Also, it is convenient because the TRX is light and can be easily utilized in even the smallest spaces. Essentially it can be used anywhere and it simply complements your own body as the workout machine. There is no need for taking up a lot of space with fancy equipment. Because of its versatility, you can take it with you when you travel or even if you want to move your workout routine outdoors! The TRX is a fantastic product for golfers in particular because it creates muscles that are fast and lean not bulky and slow.”
– Patrick Parrish
Director of Instruction, “The Next Level” Poppy Hills Golf Course

Check out different exercise routines like the plank position for core-strengthening, rotational strength exercises and others. You’ll find easy-to-follow videos on our website and YouTube Channel. Consistency is the name of the TRX game.


Ease of Use –

Depending on what body weight exercise you select you will work out virtually every muscle you want to. This includes workouts desirable for all levels of individuals from beginners to the most advanced professionals. You can use it for:

  • Strength training
  • Balance Exercises
  • Stretching
  • Core Exercises

With it, you can easily customize the workout to fit your specific needs. That is, you are using your body’s weight as your source of resistance. This means you define how much of a workout you get.

Check out this YouTube video. As you can see from it, the benefits are outstanding for all types of users. Most people can use this system effectively.


Video Guides –

Some of the best ways to learn how to exercise right is to see someone actually do it as they teach you the moves.

Our years of experience in this field and passion for all the things we share with you concerning core-strengthening, flexibility and other workout routines make us the go-to people for this. We personally understand your trouble-points and are ready to help.

Three things you can expect on our site:

  • Flexibility: Step-by-step guidance on how to move and how many times each routine should be performed, enhances bone-muscle flexibility, removes joint aches.
  • Strength: Increasing power and force inside your muscles through a smart approach to exercising using your TRX, no more muscle cramps or unplaced pains.
  • Cardio Circuit: Building endurance through proper breathing and increasing the reliability of your physical body, no longer will you be prone to unhealthy tiredness.


Common Complaints –

There are some customers who have purchased this product and found it to be problematic in some ways. Specifically, some people find that it is hard to set up and use. They have to adjust it often. This may be because they are not setting it up as directed. For this, watch the videos carefully and follow them. I’m not sure why some find it difficult but you can see my video below on setting it up which is easy and takes no time at all.

Customer Reviews –

There are many notable customer-voices out there who’ve added to the knowledge base of what the TRX Trainer System did for them. Aside from the obvious naysayers, the TRX has indeed helped hundreds of people regain control over their lives, something other body weight workouts have failed at accomplishing

Jeff G. says –

“A personal trainer turned me on to the TRX as a very versatile total fitness package. I was skeptical at first, have been in a cardio boot camp and strength training with good results. Went from 180 to 165 in 9-10 months. Started using the TRX in place of some of the free weights and for core training with excellent results. In the last 2 months I dropped my weight to under 150 and am strong as a moose. (I also cut all the junk food and unhealthy snacks at the same time as adding the TRX workouts) There is a learning curve to using it for results, getting the bands the correct length, getting the feel for correct form, proper hand/feet placement. My wife uses it also and her core strength is better than ever. She is always finding new TRX challenges on the web.”

And Jesse O. Pasca from New York City had this to say…

“What I absolutely love about the TRX is that it is completely up to you. Completely up to you to set it up, use it, and bring it with you when you travel. It’s easy to do all of that. The results? If you push the last few reps when you are burning, you will get them. Like anything else. I am a triathlete and use the TRX regularly to supplement my SBR routines and although still do weights, all the stabilization work on the TRX has (knock on wood) given me injury free results. I also come from having had two back surgeries and a knee surgery. Training with body weight intelligently is phenomenal and TRX’s videos and community make it easy to build an intelligent program. I travel back and forth between the city and country and throw the TRX in its little bag that it comes with. It’s that simple and I look forward to ‘playing on it’ working out with it… it’s one of the only pieces of training equipment that I have used that is literally fun to play around with. If you are on the fence about it, don’t be. Go for it.”


Buying Your Own TRX –

  • Although the company has a refund policy, you’ll find no need to return the TRX Trainer Body Weight System + Door Anchor
    Trainer System with it being such an excellent product.
  • It ships out in about 2 days, no longer, and shopping online for it is as easy as what the product promises by way of working out and getting fit.
  • After you get your own TRX Trainer you can follow our golf specific exercises and stretches here on and our YouTube Channel.

There are many benefits to this product. This Suspension TRX Trainer System review for body weight exercises shows how it is easy to use, very efficient, cost effective, and an excellent golf workout. Core and balance fitness can improve your game.

Your solution to your fitness needs? Get the TRX system now. Use it daily and see your game improve. You can do that right here and right now. There’s no excuse when you have something so easy and so effective.

Get the TRX Trainer with the Door Anchor for less here. No coupon needed!

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